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P.O. Box 58

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Pre-Entry opens August 1st .Pre-Entry ends November 28th . (9pm CST)

AMA Membership is required and card must present at Check-in and/or Sign-up.

Age grouped classes is determined by your age as of January 1, 2016.

Last 4 digits of your frame number is required for Sign-up.

Please review our class listings/descriptions.AMA Rule Book— www.americanmotorcyclist.com

Transponder number is required to Check-in or Sign-up for Racing.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or be accompanied by an adult with a NOTARIZED AMA Minor Release (1 page only) and Permission Statement (1 page only)—NO EXCEPTIONS! Both forms are on our website www.arizonacyclepark.com with directions.

Pro-AM/Amateur/Youth classes are 3 moto format. **NOTE** Not all racers will get 3 motos if a qualifier race is needed in their class.

All VET classes will compete on Sunday ONLY and will race a 2 moto format.

The Arizona Open is an AMA Featured Event and all Winners will receive an AMA #1 Plate.

KACP Radio 90.1FM for race day announcements.

– Driving Directions to Arizona Cycle Park can be found at www.arizonacyclepark.com

– Hotel listing can be found at www.arizonacyclepark.com

– Please arrive with your RV filled with water.

– We have a bike wash area and bike wash water.

– NO dumping of gray water or black water tanks.

– NO Open riding in pit area.

– NO motorcycles allowed in the spectator areas.

– Any persons involved in the destruction and/or theft of ACP property, banners, any customer’s property, etc. will be held liable and removed from the premises


– NO spectators will be allowed on the track- ACP staff will be on the track to assist the riders.

– ABSOLUTELY NO TRESPASSING onto neighboring properties.



– Fires are allowed in metal containers only.

– NO Pallets can be used for firewood.

– NO dumping of fire ashes/coals on the ground. Please make sure fire ashes are completely out before dumping into the trash barrels.

– NO digging.

– Riders and pit vehicles- bike must go slow in the pits and yield for people on foot.

– Public intoxication is not allowed.

– All pets must be on a leash at all times- all pets must be friendly and owner must clean up after their pets. Any problems will results in pet removal from property.

– Please bring your bicycle for our bicycle fun area. (Helmets would be appreciated)

– Please bring a basketball for our petite basketball court.

– Anyone under the age of 18 must be at their campsite by 10pm.

– Please respect your neighbors. – Please do not roost in the parking/pit areas.

– NO oil dumping- Please use the oil recycling drums.

– Please keep your pit area clean. We have trash bags available at the Front Gate.

– NO public display of unsportsmanlike behavior; loud cursing, etc.

Facility Amenities & Rules

Transponders will be required for this event. You will be required to provide a $250 deposit (Cash or Credit Card). Once you return the Transponder, at the end of the event, your deposit will be returned to you in its entirety. **NOTE**Extra clips are $10 each.

Racer Info








Text “AZOPENMX” to 313131

To get updates on moto schedule, announcements, event times during the event and much much more.

Thursday 11/24


Friday 11/25


Saturday 11/26

·Gates Open 8am

·Organized Practice 9am – 3pm

·$30 per rider Practice:

Sunday 11/27

·Gates Open 8am

·Organized Practice 9am – 3pm

·$30 per rider Practice:

Monday 11/28 & Tuesday 11/29


Wednesday 11/30

·Gates Open 2pm – Midnight

·12/1 Practice Sign-up 6pm – 10pm

·Registration/Check-in 6pm – 10pm

·Last 4 Digits of Frame # Required

Thursday 12/1

·Gates Open 7am – 11pm

·Practice Sign-up 8am

·Organized Practice 10am – 4pm

·Registration/Check-in 8am – 10pm

·Riders’ Meeting 4:30pm

·Last 4 Digits of Frame # Required

·AEO Powersports Free Rider/Family Dinner (Free W/ Entry) 5:30PM

Friday 12/2

·Gates Open 7am – 11pm

·Registration/Check-in 7am – 8am

·Last 4 Digits of Frame # Required

·Practice 8:30am ( 2Laps each group..Big Bikes,

85cc & 50cc/65cc)

·Site Lap before each Moto

·360Fly Camera Tricycle Race 6pm

·Justified Chill Zone 8pm - 11pm

Saturday 12/3

·Gates Open 7am – 11pm

·Practice 8am ( 2Laps each group..Big Bikes,

85cc & 50cc/65cc)

·Site Lap before each Moto

·Vet Registration/Check-in 4pm – 10pm

·Last 4 Digits of Frame # Required

·Scott Goggles Dodge Ball Battle 6pm

·Justified Chill Zone 8pm - 11pm

Sunday 12/4

·Gates Open 7am

·Vet Registration/Check-in 7am – 8am

·Last 4 Digits of Frame # Required

·Practice 8am ( 2Laps each group..Big Bikes,85cc, Vets & 50cc/65cc)

·Site Lap before each Moto

2016 Schedule

Free with Entry. You will be given coupon at sign up.

Three man teams, racing three laps. There will an adult and kids class. Each winning team will receive one 360Fly 4K Camera. Sign up Friday at tower.

Five man teams. There will be an adult and kids class. Each winning member in the winning teams will receive a pair of Scott Goggles and Scott Hat. Sign up Saturday at tower.

21+ and you can receive FREE adult beverages at the adult chill zone.